Jonathan Alpert


Get a read on the psychological pulse of your customers.

The edge you need to reach customers during changing times.

Just like motivated individuals and couples, results-oriented and progressive brands understand the benefit of working with a good psychotherapist and performance coach.

Jonathan Alpert can give you the edge to help you understand and connect with your customers, more effectively market your products, and finally break through the noise of an increasingly crowded marketplace, so your voice is not only heard, but also resonates.

Jonathan can also help you train your employees to shake off stress, communicate effectively, and deal with conflict with poise and grace.

End result: more productive, happier, and dedicated employees.

What do smart, innovative brands need to grow?

  • INSIGHT. Jonathan gets inside the hearts and minds of your target audiences, helping you to better understand what they want and need.

  • INFLUENCE. His established presence as a mental health, wellness, and lifestyle expert, elevates your brand.

  • COMPELLING MESSAGES. As a consultant and spokesperson, he’ll help you position your brand and craft the message you need to reach your target audience in ads, press releases, content marketing and other campaigns – giving your brand the boost it needs.

  • MEDIA SAVVY. Through his extensive network of reporters and producers, Jonathan can help you with public relations to reach TV and other media outlets in your efforts to promote your brand.

  • DIRECT FEEDBACK. Jonathan is refreshingly frank, and tells you what you need to know to improve your business.

Break Through the Noise.
Get Results.


Helping notable brands strengthen relationships with their customers.


When Enterprise Rent-A-Car surveyed consumers, they discovered that more and more people work at least one weekend a month. Wanting to offer over-extended Americans life-balancing solutions, Enterprise partnered with Jonathan who served as a spokesperson.

His tips and insight were featured in, U.S. News and World Report, NBC News, Bloomberg News, Travel & Leisure, Fortune, and Thrive Global – and he participated in more than 20 radio interviews across the Nation.

Jonathan continues to work with Enterprise Rent-A-Car on their annual National Weekend Escape campaign and serves as their resident lifestyle expert.


The sleep industry has tapped into Jonathan’s expertise. He was a spokesperson for a leading mattress company, participated in a sleep clinic hosted by Dr. Oz and Arianna Huffington, and is currently serving on the advisory board of Marpac, Inc., the world’s foremost manufacturer of white noise machines. He continues to be interviewed by major media outlets about sleep hygiene, wellness, and lifestyle issues.


Safeco Insurance Company was concerned about drivers’ behavior on the roads after a survey found that 85% of people described others’ driving as aggressive. The good news is the survey found that 72% were willing to make changes to their own behavior to try to improve things. Safeco turned to Jonathan for help creating and launching their summer travel campaign “Drive it Forward Fridays (#DIFF)” to encourage courteous road behavior. As a spokesperson, Jonathan created program content, wrote an Inc. column about the program, participated in media interviews, contributed to a successful social media campaign, and hosted a Twitter party.

Following the success of #DIFF, Safeco hired Jonathan for a second campaign, #MY60 Challenge to help people reclaim time to do more of what they want. According to their survey, four out of five respondents agreed they needed an extra hour in the day, with 70 percent admitting they would use that time to do something for themselves. As spokesperson, Jonathan lent his likeness to the brand and campaign, wrote an Inc. column about it, created content, and participated in radio and print interviews.


The world’s original nutrient extractor, NutriBullet, partnered with Jonathan when they wanted an expert in stress management as part of their brand. Jonathan appeared in their highly televised infomercial providing commentary on stress management and contributing lifestyle advice and tips to their NutriLiving website.


The ultimate employee optimizer!

Corporate Wellness:

Strengthen Your Brand from the Inside Out.

Stress and unhappiness can profoundly impact employee performance, job satisfaction, the overall function and flow of business operations, and the customer experience.

Customized workshops led by Jonathan Alpert are the solution to optimizing your employees’ performance.

By boosting morale and reducing office toxicity, these workshops can lead to increased productivity and employee retention, decreased sick days, and improved working relationships. End result: happier employees, happier customers, and more profit.

Jonathan works with C-level executives and entrepreneurs, as well as recent hires, and he can craft a workshop and training tailored to your needs.

Workshop and training topics can include:

  • Stress. Find out what it is, how it impacts you (physically and mentally), and how to use it to your advantage.

  • Relaxation techniques. Once Jonathan shares these techniques, you can use them both at home and at work to stay focused and energized throughout the workday.

  • Time management. Jonathan teaches employees to prioritize tasks, optimize time, and regain control of the workday, helping them get more done with less stress and strike a healthy balance between work and home.

  • Sleep. We all know sleep is important, yet most people are still sleep deprived. Jonathan will teach your team unique strategies to ensure they come to work well rested and ready to tackle their day.

  • Self-talk. Once employees change their inner narrative, they obtain greater happiness, have more control in life, and perform better at work.

  • Happiness. Learn what some of the happiest people in the world do to stay upbeat.

  • Crisis and conflict. You can train for crisis and conflict. With Jonathan’s strategies, you’re better equipped to keep your cool and make solid decisions, no matter what is happening around you.

  • One-on-one sessions. These are available for anyone who wants to meet privately to discuss these and other issues.